• State Assembly Forms 

    Planning a workshop or annual meeting and need some assistance? We've got your covered with the necessary forms you'll need to fill out and send in so that your attendees earn the credits they deserve from participating, and all the necessary paperwork that is required for delegates and alternates.

  • Resources for State Assembly Leaders

    AST State Assemblies are 50 strong; all states have representation on the local level. Participating in your state assembly is an excellent way to get involved, support your state and your profession.

    Submit State Assembly Forms to:

    Planning a business meeting or workshop? The first step, submit the  State Assembly Program Date Request Form (Form A1) no less than 120 days before the date(s) of the meeting/workshop for AST approval. No less than sixty (60) days written notice to the entire State Assembly membership of the time, place, and business to be conducted at the meeting. The form must be received by the first (1st) of the current month for program publication in the next month of the AST monthly journal The Surgical Technologist

    Candidates - Running for Office

    Your support is vital and a great way to become involved in state assembly affairs and your association. Become actively involved and volunteer your talents and expertise in one of the many areas of your state needs.

    Interested in serving, when vacancies, submit both completed forms below to your state assembly.

    State Assembly Consent to Serve Form

    State Assembly Curriculum Vitae 

    State Assembly Board of Directors Duties


    Candidates interested in an officer position shall have been an active AST member for one year immediately preceding nomination. If elected, the member must maintain active status with AST.


    Candidates interested in a Director position shall have been a member for one year immediately preceding nomination. If elected, the member must maintain active status with AST. (Could have been a student member, as long, certified at the time of nominations.)

    Definition of an Active Member: one who is currently a member of AST, and has passed the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (NBSTSA) national certifying examination in surgical technology and maintains certification currency as defined by the NBSTSA. 

    Delegates & Alternates

    Delegates and alternates are active members elected by the membership at a state assembly annual meeting or workshop. Each state assembly is entitled to six (6) delegates and six (6) alternates. Have questions? Contact us at or 303.325.2516.

    State Assembly Delegate Submission Form - Submit to AST within five business days of elections

    State Assembly Delegate Requirements – Candidate eligibility and election requirements

    State Assembly Delegate Agreement Sample - Signed agreement between the state assembly and delegate representative

    State Assembly Delegate Ballot Sample – Voting of delegates and alternates

    Delegation Note: To be a delegate representative and vote at the AST National Conference necessitates elected by your state assembly members at an annual business meeting or workshop. The Chair submits all delegates and alternates before the AST National Conferences for eligibility verification.