September 2018 - The Surgical Technologist

| The Surgical Technologist | SEPTEMBER 2018 410 Roy Zacharias, CST, FAST I would venture to say that almost everyone has a bucket list.We all have dreams of once-in-a-lifetime travel to a well-known destination or taking on physical or men- tal challenges to fulfill our desire for accomplishment. In March of this year, I had the opportunity to travel with six O N A M I S S I O N Team of CSTs Travels to Ecuador to Change the Lives of Children – and End Up Changing Their Own Lives in the Process fellow AST members to Guayaquil, Ecuador, to participate in a medical mission trip in conjunction with Healing the Children. This was not on my bucket list because it will not be a one-time adventure, but an annual dedication of my personal time and financial resources to provide care to people in need in other countries. CSTs Teresa Librizzi, Deborah Bennett and Mona Bourbon- nais along with CST/ RNs Marcene Elwell and Renee Nemitz supported the mis- sion requirement for scrubbing and cir- culating. Joe Char- l eman , CST, a ls o served as one of the trip administrators. Our early morn- ing journey started in all parts of the country bringing us together in Miami in order to catch ou r f ou r - a nd - a - half-hour flight to Ecuador. We arrived around 10:45 Fri- day night and were greeted by the staff of Hospital Leon