| The Surgical Technologist | OCTOBER 2015 454 C E E X A M Earn CE Credits at Home You wi l l be awarded cont inuing educa- tion (CE) credits toward your recertifica- t ion af ter reading the des ignated ar t i- cle and completing the test with a score of 70% or better. If you do not pass the test, it will be returned along with your payment. Send the original answer sheet from the journal and make a copy for your records. If possible use a credit card (debit or credit) for payment. It is a faster option for processing of credits and offers more flexibility for correct payment. When submitting multiple tests, you do not need to submit a separate check for each journal test. You may submit multiple journal tests with one check or money order. Members this test is also available online at www.ast.org. No stamps or checks and it posts to your record automatically! Members: $6 per credit (per credit not per test) Nonmembers: $10 per credit (per credit not per test plus the $400 nonmember fee per submission) After your credits are processed, AST will send you a letter acknowledging the number of credits that were accepted. Members can also check your CE credit status online with your login information at www.ast.org. 3 WAYS TO SUBMIT YOUR CE CREDITS Mail to: AST, Member Services, 6 West Dry Creek Circle Ste 200, Littleton, CO 80120-8031 Fax CE credits to: 303-694-9169 E-mail scanned CE credits in PDF format to: [email protected] For questions please contact Member Services - [email protected] or 800-637-7433, option 3. Business hours: Mon-Fri, 8:00a.m. - 4:30 p.m., MT Many practices that have its own ambulatory surgery center maintain policy criteria as a guideline to these surgeries. It is recommended that surgery centers properly screen their patients for the eligibility of these Medicare regulations. Any FESS surgery in an ambulatory setting would not be recommended in which a patient would be categorized as a class 4 by anesthesia criteria. Furthermore, any surgery taking place in an ambu- latory setting requiring general anesthesia must follow these criteria. A C K NOWL EDGEMEN T S Lavonne Cockrell, CST, of Limestone Surgery Center; Brennan Wood, MD, Northeast Georgia Otolaryngology; Paul Garlich, MD, Northeast Georgia Otolaryngology; Allen P Butler, MD, Northeast Georgia Oto- laryngology; Michael H Callahan, MD, Northeast Georgia Otolaryngol- ogy; Ronald Van Tuyl, MD, Piedmont Hospital; Lawrence Robinson, MD, Piedmont Hospital. A BOU T T HE AU T HOR Kendra Ray, CST, earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Carson-Newman University in Jefferson City, Ten- nessee, in 1989. After raising a family she completed a certification in surgical technology from Lanier Technical College in Gainesville, Georgia. She is currently employed by Piedmont Mountainside Hospital serving the Northern Atlanta Metropolitan area and Limestone Surgery Center in Gainesville serving Northeast Georgia Otolaryngology. R E F ER ENC E S 1. Ronald Van Tuyl, MD, Piedmont Hospital 2. Lawrence Robinson, MD, Piedmont Hospital 3. BrennanWood, MD, Northeast Georgia Otolaryngology 4. Michael H Callahan, MD, Northeast Georgia Otolaryngology 5. LCS 2013 Preference Card. Unpublished. 6. Medtronic Fusion TM SystemQuick Reference Guide 7. Medtronic Fusion TMNavigation SystemManual 8. Goldman, MA. Pocket Guide to the Operating Room . Philadelphia: FA Davis; 2008: 814- 81 9http://care.american-rhinologic.org/complicationsess J Han; J Daulton, MD; Retrieved October 2013.