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2. Demonstrates advanced knowledge and proficient

practice in the first scrub role in the majority of

surgical procedures.

3. Applies knowledge of advanced surgical techniques.

4. Applies knowledge related to emergency situations

and surgical procedures in the operating room.

5. Demonstrates critical-thinking skills in relation to

anticipating the perioperative needs of the patient and


6. Exhibits a higher level of collaboration with peers in

making decisions related to surgical patient care.

7. Assists in performing circulating skills and tasks.

8. Participates in program to achieve Level III: Expert


Level III: Expert Practitioner

Level III is an advanced practitioner who thinks on a global level

and participates in endeavors related to, but outside of, the

surgery department.

1. Meets the criteria stated in Level II.

2. Demonstrates superior knowledge of the various surgical

equipment and advanced surgical instrumentation.

3. Demonstarates superior knowledge and expert practice

in the first scrub role in advanced surgical procedures.

4. Performs the preceptor role in the training of students.

5. Demonstrates leadership abilities.

6. Serves as a mentor and role model.

7. Belongs to at least one department or hospital


8. Involved with community health promotional efforts

and other related community services.

9. Demonstrates knowledge of department fiscal


10. Participates in decision-making activities related to

evaluating and acquiring surgical equipment,

instruments and supplies.

11. Collaborates with other health care professionals in the

development of surgical budgetary requirements.

12. Demonstrates skills in organizing and coordinating the

effective use of personnel and materials.

13. Develops, organizes and delivers continuing education

topics and courses.