Association of Surgical Technologists>

I, , do hereby consent to serve the Association of Surgical Technologists, Inc., (AST) in the capacity of:

I understand that by consenting to serve AST in this position I am making a commitment to perform a variety of activities and further agree to carry out all tasks appropriate to the office including, but not limited to, the following.

I will:

  1. Make every effort to familiarize myself with the AST Bylaws and the AST Policy Manual.
  2. Maintain an adequate filing system pertaining to all aspects of my position beginning immediately following conference.
  3. Maintain an open line of communication with national headquarters. Communication is essential to the harmony and effectiveness of AST business.
  4. Be aware of report deadlines as directed in the AST Policy Manual.
    • These reports are due twice yearly, prior to the mid-year Board meeting and the national conference.
    • I keep a copy for my files.
    • All reports/correspondence must be sent to national for distribution.
  5. Give thoughtful consideration to my efforts when assigned by the President to work on any assignment or special project and will perform those tasks to the best of my ability.
  6. Fully understand that holding an AST elective position requires a considerable amount of verbal and written communication skills and entails a substantial work effort.
  7. I further agree to resign from the Board of Directors in the event of seeking employment with AST, ARC/STSA, or NBSTSA.
  8. I further agree that if at any time I am unable to serve in this capacity or if I fail in my responsibilities to the Board of Directors, House of Delegates, and membership, I will offer my resignation and notify the AST Board of Directors in sufficient time so that a replacement may be acquired to ensure that committee activities are not unduly interrupted.

Dated this 22 day of February, 2018

This consent-to-serve form will be discarded two years from date of receipt. If after that time you remain interested in working with AST, you must submit a new consent-to-serve form and curriculum vitae.


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