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  • National Surgical Technologists Week

    You are worth celebrating. You work hard for your team. You make the operating room efficient while ensuring patient safety. You deserve recognition! That’s why, in 1984, the Association of Surgical Technologists Board of Directors dedicated the third week in September to recognizing you and your profession. National Surgical Technologists Week has been celebrated every year since and has become a national phenomenon. 

  • National Surgical Technologists Week

    September 17-23, 2017 

    To celebrate National Surgical Technologists Week this year, AST would like to raise awareness of the role of the surgical technologist/CST and the intense training it takes to enter the field. We’re asking you to celebrate by creating a short video (90 seconds maximum) illustrating one of the following:

    • Some aspect of what you do as a surgical technologist, including how you protect patient safety, put the patient first or support the OR team. This does not need to be filmed in the OR, in your hospital or surgical center as you must comply with HIPAA and your facility’s policies.
    • A process or technique that you’ve learned that could help others work more efficiently, or if you’re a student a process or technique that you will practice as a surgical technologist.
    • A day in the life of a CST, surgical technologist or surgical technology student.
    • The story of why you chose surgical technology for your career. What inspired you? Be creative!

    All qualifying videos may be submitted to the contest on our Facebook page and will be entered into a drawing for prizes and may be posted to AST’s YouTube channel, AST’s Facebook page or other social media networks. Your video entry also may be used on AST’s website, for promoting the profession to the public or to legislators.

    We encourage you to vote, like and share your video and the link to the contest gallery to educate others about the important role of the surgical technologist. However, the number of votes received WILL NOT impact your video’s eligibility for prizes.

    Qualifying Videos

    To qualify for the drawing, your video entry must:

    • Must illustrate one of the following:
      • Some aspect of what you do as a surgical technologist
      • A process or technique used as a surgical technologist
      • Why you chose the surgical technology profession
      • A day in the life of a surgical technologist/surgical technology student
    • Videos cannot violate HIPAA regulations (show name badges, boards or screens containing patient names, etc.) It is your responsibility to know your facility’s policies about photography/videography and the use of cell phones. AST is not liable for any disciplinary action taken against you for failing to know and follow policy. 
    • You must include a description with your entry.
    • Videos should be horizontal (hold your cell phone sideways), not vertical.
    • Video editing is allowed and encouraged. Videos longer than 90 seconds will be disqualified.
    • You must get permission from ALL the people in your video before entering it into this contest. The video will appear online. By entering your video, you are verifying that everyone in the photo has given you (and subsequently AST) approval to use their likeness.
    • Videos about of National Surgical Technologists Week celebrations will not qualify for the drawing. However, you can submit photos/videos of your NSTW celebrations to AST’s Facebook page for possible reposting to the entire group.

    Additional Rules

    • Videos must be submitted between September 15-30, 2017, through the contest link on the NSTW page on the AST website or the tab on AST’s Facebook page. Although videos will be available to view online, new video submissions will not be accepted after Sept. 30. If you are having trouble uploading video from your phone or computer, contact deanna.geldens@ast.org.
    • Only one person can enter a video (no duplicate videos) and only one entry is allowed per person. If multiple videos are submitted by the same person, the first video will be considered the official entry.
    • You must choose to enter the student contest or the tech contest. Prizes differ for each. If a student cohort chooses to film several different videos, each should be submitted by a different class member or instructor.
    • Videos may be disqualified and removed at AST’s discretion at any time, without notification. Causes for disqualification include a HIPPA violation, lack of permission from subjects in the photo, profanity/obscenities, blatant sales or product pitches, etc.
    • Qualifying winners will be drawn at random in both the surgical technologist and student categories. The number of votes for a video will have no impact on qualification for the drawing. Awards will be given out for grand, second and third prizes in both category. Check the AST website or AST Facebook for the official prizes.
    • Grand prize winners of previous National Surgical Technologists Week contests are not eligible to win the grand prize again, but are eligible for other prizes.

    Surgical Technologist Contest Prizes

    Grand Prize: Registration for one AST-sponsored conference in 2018 - either one member registration for AST's 2018 Surgical Technology Conference in Orlando from May 31-June 2, 2018 (a $390 value); OR one member registration for AST's Educator's Conference in Charleston, South Carolina, from February 8-10, 2018, (a $275 value). (Nonmembers are eligible, but will need to join AST within 30 days from the award notification date.)

    Second Prize: An AST 1-year membership (12 months) - an $80 value. Current AST members will have 12 additional months added to their membership. (Nonmembers are eligible, but will need to join AST within in 30 days from the award notification date.)

    Third Prize: One AST CE Credit Package, up to $37. Available to use on one package only, packages cannot be combined. Package must be redeemed 90 days from award notification date. (Nonmembers are eligible, but will need to join AST within in 30 days from the award notification date.)

    Student Contest Prizes

    Prizes will be awarded to everyone in the students’ cohort.

    • Grand Prize: Computer messenger bags
    • Second Prize: Insulated Barrel Coolers
    • Third Prize: Hot/Cold Geometric Tumblers 

    All prize winners will receive recognition on AST’s social media channels and in AST publications. Prizes will be drawn and winners notified on or before October 31, 2017.