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  • National Surgical Technologists Week

    You are worth celebrating. You work hard for your team. You make the operating room efficient while ensuring patient safety. You deserve recognition! That’s why, in 1984, the Association of Surgical Technologists Board of Directors dedicated the third week in September to recognizing you and your profession. National Surgical Technologists Week has been celebrated every year since and has become a national phenomenon. 

  • National Surgical Technologists Week

    September 20-26, 2020

    Surgical technologists are essential – not only in the operating room – but to your kids and families, to local nonprofits, churches and charities, to local businesses, to your neighborhoods, causes and communities, to friends and colleagues, to the profession and to the public. Surgical technologists are essential every day in so many ways! Whether you are celebrating your profession yourself or with your team, YOU are essential! Thank you for all you do!

    Download the free poster

    This year, AST is making the National Surgical Technologists Week poster available to anyone for FREE.

    Download and print the 8-1/2 x 11 poster from any home computer printer. Or download the 11 x 17 size and take it to your local copy/print shop – they can print it in the larger format at a minimum cost. Print the free poster and post copies at home and at work. 

    Enter AST’s I’m Essential Photo/Video Contest

    Show us how you are essential during this pandemic. Upload your photo or video to AST’s “I’m essential!” contest website, September 1-30, 2020, and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win one of three $100 gift cards.

    • Complete the contest entry form.
    • Upload a photo of you doing something essential – getting groceries for your family, a parent or neighbor; volunteering with your state assembly; going to work or working a temporary job to make ends meet.
    • Submit a short video of how you are essential to those around you, whether you are scrubbing cases; helping your kids learn something new; sewing mask for family or friends; or dropping off canned goods at a food pantry.

    BE ADVISED: Please follow any social distancing guidelines suggested by your state or local municipality. Do not put yourself or others at risk. Your photo or video does not need to be set in the operating room or in your hospital or surgical center. You must comply with HIPAA and your facility’s policies. You could lose your job for violating hospital policies!

    Read the 2020 Official Terms and Conditions in the August Journal.

    Plan your celebration

    So many things are uncertain this year. It is hard to know what life will be like in September – but know this: You and your skills are worth celebrating. No matter what!

    Here are some ideas for celebrating at work during the pandemic:

    • Email the free poster file to your boss and Human Resources department with dates and details about National Surgical Technologists Week, encouraging them to use the poster during the celebration. Ask them to visit for this year’s promotional items.
    • Your OR manager may be feeling a little overwhelmed, so offer to help them plan the celebration, create a bulletin board, order food or a cake…anything to ensure the celebration goes on!
    • If you’re an AST member, log in and visit the State Assembly Leadership Resources page on National Surgical Technologists Week Ways to Celebrate for additional ideas.
    • Check AST’s Pinterest board for other fun ways to celebrate.

    If your hospital has canceled elective surgeries in September due to COVID-19, here are some ways you can still celebrate:

    • Enter AST’s I’m Essential Photo/Video Contest.
    • Check your AST State Assembly website or contact their board members to find out what they’re doing to celebrate and how you can help.
    • Is your local newspaper or TV station recognizing essential workers? Call them, email them or post on their social media account - what surgical technologists do and why they are essential.
    • Create a post for your social media accounts educating others about what you do and why you are essential.
    • Demonstrate proper use of PPE or handwashing to your friends and neighbors – from a safe distance when appropriate.
    • Order Surg Tech Week products or do something special for yourself. You deserve it!

    National Surgical Technologists Week theme contest winner

    Congratulations to Anna Baptista, CST, from Massachusetts, who won a $50 gift certificate for suggesting this year’s theme. Thank you Anna! You’re an essential surgical technologist!

  • Resources to Promote the Profession

    "We are the experts in everything sterile and
    aseptic. Who better to educate our communities
    than the people who work daily to alleviate
    contamination and cross-contamination?"

    -Cindy Mask, CST, FAST

    We are Experts in the Sterile Field.
    Now is the Time to Promote It

    Read Cindy's guest column on why surgical technologists need to take the lead in promoting sterile technique and importance of PPE.

    Watch AST's Career Video and help spread the word about the profession and the critical job surgical technologists perform every day.