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  • National Surgical Technologists Week

    You are worth celebrating. You work hard for your team. You make the operating room efficient while ensuring patient safety. You deserve recognition! That’s why, in 1984, the Association of Surgical Technologists Board of Directors dedicated the third week in September to recognizing you and your profession. National Surgical Technologists Week has been celebrated every year since and has become a national phenomenon. 

  • National Surgical Technologists Week 2024

    September 15-21, 2024

    Stay tuned for all we have planned!

    National Surgical Technologists Week 2023:

    Click the button below for a statement from our President.


    Click on the button below to explore the NSTW posters and printable resources available. Download, print them out, and place them in your hospitals, schools and houses, wherever you want! 

    Surgical Instrument Showdown: Mayo Scissors Take it All!

    Thank you to all who voted! Mayo Scissors won this time, but the race was close! 

    Fill out a proclamation! Click on the link below for a sample proclamation to recognize National Surgical Technologists Week. Organize a Surgical Technologist Day at your hospital or stage a mock surgery for the week.

    Proclamation PDF


  • Resources to Promote the Profession

    "We are the experts in everything sterile and
    aseptic. Who better to educate our communities
    than the people who work daily to alleviate
    contamination and cross-contamination?"

    -Cindy Mask, CST, FAST

    We are Experts in the Sterile Field.
    Now is the Time to Promote It

    Read Cindy's guest column on why surgical technologists need to take the lead in promoting sterile technique and importance of PPE.

    Watch AST's Career Video and help spread the word about the profession and the critical job surgical technologists perform every day.