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    The Association of Surgical Technologists recognized the need for CSTs and CSFAs to have a comprehensive publication focused on evidence-based Guidelines for Best Practices. The Guidelines were researched and developed, in order to aid in legislative efforts for state assemblies and to provide readily available answers to questions asked by operating room supervisors.

  • Guidelines for Best Practices 

    Both the CST and CSFA have been educated with the guidelines set forth by the Association of Surgical Technologists, and the Guidelines for Best Practices will help assure patients, practitioners and allied health administrators that, from the classroom to practice, from the hospital to the surgery center, the practice of surgical technology and surgical assisting are aligned with the highest educational and performance standards.

    The Guidelines for Best Practices are statements of the minimum expectation of the profession, designed to be references in establishing safe practice guidelines in individual healthcare facilities that employ CSTs and CSFAs.

    Introduction and Goal Statements
    Foundational Principles
    Role Definitions and Qualifications

    The Guidelines for Best Practices have been developed based on:

    Position statements that reflect a stance, viewpoint and/or perspective.  

    Guidelines statements that are guides to best practices. 

    Standards of care that are expected to be achieved. 

    The Guidelines for Best Practices that are available on these pages represent only those Guidelines that have been approved by the AST Board of Directors.