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AST Comment Form for Guidelines

Requirement for Posting Comments

In order for a comment to be accepted, the participant must meet the following requirements:

  • Comments must be formatted into statements, not questions.
  • Participants must use clear, measurable and objective wording.
  • Participants must use professional and appropriate language.
  • Comments must provide supportive evidence-based information.
  • Comments must be directly related to the guideline.
For Example
  • Guideline: AST Guidelines for Counts
  • Text Reference: I, A, 1
  • Proposed Change: Should be revised to read "CST should use bowel technique during gastrointestinal procedures."
  • Rationale & Evidence: The use of bowel technique contributes to decreasing the risk of the patient acquiring a SSI supported by Porteous J, Gembey D, Dieter M. Bowel technique in the OR is it really necessary? Canadian Operating Room Nursing Journal. 1996; 14(1): 11-14.

The public comment period is for 30 days.

Guidelines for review:

There are currently no available guidelines for review at this time.