As news about COVID-19 dominates media and public safety discussions at state and federal levels, we want you to know that since we are still two months away, we have no plans right now to cancel AST’s 51st Surgical Technology Conference occurring May 28-30, 2020, in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Your safety is our top priority, however, and we recognize this as an extremely important and evolving situation. We will continue to monitor developments and base any decisions we make concerning our annual conference on the advice of health and safety experts. In addition, we are waiving all cancellation fees for our attendee registrants, and in the case the event is canceled, all attendee registrations will be refunded completely.

As an organization of healthcare professionals, AST recognizes the value that our members place on the importance of infection prevention practices not just when traveling, but every day. We will continue to provide updates. 

Holly Falcon, CST, FAST
AST President


Certification Renewal is a Two-Step Process

Earning and submitting CE and renewal of certification is a two-step process and both steps must be completed to avoid the expiration of your CST or CSFA credential:

Step One: Earn and Submit Continuing Education (CE) Credits to AST

Earn CE Credits

Submit CE Credits

  • Go to the AST CE Reporting Form to submit CE.
  • Additional fees may apply to submit approved CE earned in any period of non-membership during your certification cycle.

Step Two: Submit Certification Renewal Application to the NBSTSA

  • All CE must be earned within the dates of your certification cycle – not before or after.
  • You must renew your certification before the renewal date by submitting the Certification Renewal Application and renewal fee
  • The NBSTSA will verify your CE credit total after receiving the renewal application and fee.
  • The NBSTSA strongly encourages you to submit the required CE credits to AST 60 days in advance of your renewal date to avoid any delay in processing your new card and certificate.