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  • Writing Guidelines

    AST invites members to submit their articles for potential publication in one of our publications. We always are looking for new topics and authors to help provide well-informed and well-written articles to our membership in The Surgical Technologist, Instructors News and ASTSA News.
  • AST Guidelines for Authors

    Selection Criteria for Writing a Continuing Education Article

    AST’s publications department will review each outline and manuscript submitted. Acceptance and publication of the manuscript will be based on the following criteria:
    1. It must have a unique thesis or angle and be relevant to the surgical technology profession.
    2. Its message must be clear, thorough, accurate and concise.
    3. It must be in a format that maintains the journal’s integrity of style.
    4. It must be an original topic (one that hasn’t been published in the Journal in the past two years) and fit into the editorial plan for the publication.
    Outlines or manuscripts that don’t meet the requirements may be rejected or returned to the author for revisions. All manuscripts will be edited for grammar, punctuation, usage, consistency, clarity and style.

    Outline Submission

    AST requires that you submit a thorough outline of your proposed topic before submitting a manuscript so our editorial staff can verify the criteria listed above. Please submit your CE outline, including a thesis statement, to the Publications Department. Once your outline has been approved by staff, you are welcome to submit your manuscript. 

    Manuscript Submission

    When submitting a continuing education manuscript for publication, please make sure it meets the following requirements:

    • 2,000 to 5,000 words
    • List of references, which should be cited throughout the manuscript
    • Author's bio
    • Author's photo
    • Acknowledgements if any individual provided information or assistance in preparation for the manuscript, including photos and/or artwork

    Author’s Responsibility

    You are responsible for the integrity of your writing. All articles submitted for publication needs to be free from plagiarism and include properly documented sources.You are responsible for providing proof of permission to use previously published or copyrighted material. For CE articles, print and electronic transfer of copyright are required. When in doubt about copyright, contact AST’s editor for clarification.