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  • AST General Membership Information

    As a surgical technologist, you represent your profession in the OR. As the national professional association for surgical technologists, AST represents you, your interests and the safety of your patients on a national scale. When you join us, we help you stay current in the profession, offer you discounts on events and CEs, provide professional and career resources and lobby for the respect you deserve in the OR. Become a member today.

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    For further assistance, contact Member Services by:
    • Phone: 800.637.7433, between 8 am - 4:30 pm, Monday - Friday, MT
    • Email: [email protected]
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  • AST Membership

    Welcome! We are delighted that you are currently a member – or want to be of the only organization that represents surgical technologists. Read all about the benefits of being a member of AST by clicking on the Member Benefits brochure image to your right. Need answers to questions that you don't see below? Contact AST Member Services or see our FAQs tab.


    Active Membership - $80

    You are eligible for active membership if you have passed the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting national certifying examination in surgical technology and maintains certification as defined by the NBSTSA. Only active members have a voice and a vote. Certified members will revert to associate status if certification currency expires or lapses.

    Associate Membership - $80

    You are eligible for associate membership:

    • If you have passed the national certifying examination, but have not maintained certification currency as defined by the NBSTSA.
    • If you are a pre-1977 practitioner with lifetime certification who has not chosen to achieve currency with the NBSTSA by submitting CEs, etc, or has allowed it to lapse.
    • If you have completed or are currently enrolled as a student in a CAAHEP-accredited surgical technology program or its equivalent. 
    • If you are employed as a surgical technologist and not currently certified by the NBSTSA.
    • If you are an instructor or a practitioner whose primary source of employment is teaching in a CAAHEP-accredited surgical technology program or its equivalent. This includes RNs or other non-CST, surgical assistants who teach.
    • If you are a surgical assistant who does not have the CST credential.

    Associate members have a voice but not a vote.

    Affiliate Membership Individual - $80

    Any individual or organization that wishes to affiliate with AST are eligible for an affiliate membership including: OR Purchasing Managers, OR Materials Managers, OR Managers, Operating Department Practitioners, Central Sterile Supply Techs, Anesthesia Techs, Cardiac Cath Techs, Labor and Delivery Techs, Autotransfustionists, Aides (UAPs), Employers or Manufacturers/Sales Reps of healthcare related companies.

    Affiliate members have a voice, but not a vote.

    Retired/Disabled Membership Individual - $45

    Retired members must be 67 years or older and must submit documentation with proof of age.

    Disabled members must submit official documentation of permanent disability and the inability to work.

    Have a voice and a vote, and maintains certification as defined by the NBSTSA. 

    Have a voice but not a vote, and has not maintained certification currency as defined by the NBSTSA.  

    Mailing in Your Application

    Print out the member application and include your credit card information or enclose a check or money order. Mail the completed application with payment to:

    AST, Member Services, 6 West Dry Creek Circle, Suite 200, Littleton, CO 80120-8031

    Additional Information

    Membership applications processed within five business days from the date received. You will receive your AST membership card within 10 business days to by mail. You may also print a copy of your AST membership card by accessing it on your online account. Click on the login link at the top left of this page using with your login information. You will receive The Surgical Technologist approximately two months after your join date. 

  • AST Membership Application

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    Member Benefits