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  • AST CE Policies

    AST supports quality surgical patient care by promoting the completion of CE to assure the public, certifying bodies and other health professionals that CSTs and CSFAs are maintaining current standards in the field of surgical technology and surgical first assisting. 

  • AST CE Policies for the CST and CSFA

    These policies are provided to ensure the ongoing educational development of individual practitioners and to demonstrate to the public the profession's commitment to providing the highest level of quality surgical care. 

    Healthcare Facility Sponsored In-service Guide

    Planning a healthcare facility sponsored in-service? AST recognizes the importance of healthcare facility (HCF) planned and sponsored live in-services for CSTs and CSFAs to earn CE credits. Therefore, HCFs are not required to complete an approval process. The following is a guide to clinical educators or other individuals who plan in-services. 

    It is the responsibility of the CST and CSFA to recognize that the subject of the in-service is relevant to the practice of surgical technology or surgical first assisting.
    Examples of relevant in-service subjects include new surgical techniques, instrumentation, equipment, supplies and surgical procedures. 

    In-services may be provided by, but not limited to physicians, CSTs, CSFAs, Clinical Educator, RNs, and healthcare manufacturer sales representatives.

    AST CE Credit

    AST assigns the value of a CE credit as 50-60 minutes of lecture/demonstration equals 1 CE credit.

    However, partial CE credits are accepted. The CE lecture/demonstration must be a minimum of 30 minutes (0.5 CE credits). Partial CE credits are accepted in 15 minute increments past the required 30 minutes; the time is rounded up or down. For example, a lecture that lasts 1 hour and 10 minutes the CST would receive 1.25 CE credits.  

    Certificate of Attendance 

    Certificate of Attendance 2024

    HCF is encouraged to use AST's Certificate of Attendance. It is the responsibility of the HCF to provide the CST and CSFA with verification of attendance to the in-service, preferably a certificate of attendance, but the sign-in sheet will be accepted. Either verification must include the following information:

    • Title of in-service (the title should contain the word “in-service”, e.g., Nailing of Hip Fractures In-service)
    • Date(s) of in-service
    • Name of HCF
    • Name of individual that provided the in-service (lecturer/instructor)
    • Signature of Clinical Educator or individual approved to verify attendance
    • Name of CST or CSFA attendee
    • Blank line for CST or CSFA to sign
    • Number of CE credits
    • AST approval statement

    It is the responsibility of the CST and CSFA to include a copy of the certificate of attendance or sign-in sheet when submitting the AST CE Reporting Form.

  • AST CE and Recertification Brochure