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  • Continuing Education Credits

    As a CST, you are a part of an exclusive group of surgical techs to earn this credential. You make us proud! Because you are a member, we automatically record credits, keep them on file during your certification period, transfer them to the NBSTSA when it’s time to renew and send you an annual CE credit letter to keep you updated. Need help? Contact us by phone, email or chat.

  • When you earn AST credits online and pay for them online, you do not need to submit them back to AST as they go directly into your file.

    There are NO refunds on AST journal tests or CE Credit Packages.

    Please note: Due to the amount of CEs that AST receives, please expect processing times to be at least 10-15 business days of receipt. 

    CE Credits

    • Four-Year Certification Cycle - CSTs
      Certified Surgical Technologists (CST) must earn 60 CE credits before their four-year cycle expires to renew their credential.
    • Four-Year Certification Cycle - CSFAs
      Certified Surgical First Assistants (CSFA) must earn 75 CE credits before their four-year cycle expires to renew their credential.

    Continuing Education Resources

    The vast majority of all CE credits processed by AST for CSTs for CSFAs are earned through one or more of the ways listed below. None of these are subject to a processing fee.

    • AST Distance CE (journal tests or CE packages)
    • Hospital Inservices
    • Live lectures at AST state assemblies, national conference and others, such as ACS Congress
    • College Courses  
    • Healthcare Manufacturer's Live Events. AST now accepts CE credits that are offered at lives events that have been planned and are sponsored and advertised by healthcare manufacturers - referred to as commercial interest organizations (CIO). However, in order for the CE credits to be accepted by AST, the live program must be approved by AST and the program must be relevant to the practice of surgical technology or surgical first assisting. Live events are stand-alone events, such as forums or hands-on workshops that are the sole responsibility of the CIO to plan and market as well as offer the CE credits, and are held at the location of the CIO's choice.  

    CE credit fees

    These only apply to a very small percentage of credits earned through commercial providers due to the increased time and resources required to research and assess CE credits earned through those providers, particularly those CE credits offered by commercial businesses that contract with healthcare facilities, and now live events. There are no refunds given for AST online CE tests or CE credit packages.

    Number of CE Credits Processing Fee
    * 1- 10 $15
    *11-20 $30
    *21-30 $45
    *31-40 $60
    *41-50 $75
    *51+ $90

    Members: See above for any additional fee for processing CE credits excluding AST tests.
    Nonmembers: Nonmembers may be subject to a processing fee at the time of submission.

    Money orders, personal checks, institutional checks, Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted. Checks payable to AST.

    Qualifying CE Credits Checklist

    • Are all CE your credits earned while an AST member?
    • Are all CE credits earned within your current certification cycle established by the NBSTSA?
    • Are all your CE credits relevant to the medical-surgical practice of surgical technology and surgical assisting?
    • Have you submitted a CE Reporting Form? CE credits will be returned without a CE Reporting Form. 
    • Did you list each educational activity on the CE Reporting Form?
    • Did you submit proper documentation for each education activity listed on the CE Reporting Form? Keep originals of documentation and submit copies.
    • Is any applicable fee enclosed?

    3 Ways to Submit Your CE Credits

    • Mail to: AST, 6 West Dry Creek Circle, Ste 200, Littleton, CO 80120-8031
    • Fax CE credits to: 303-694-9169 Do not mail credits that were previously faxed.
    • Email scanned CE credits in PDF format to AST Member Services. Do not mail credits that were previously emailed.

  • CE Reporting Form

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    CE Reporting Form

    CE Reporting Form example

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    your reporting form? 
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