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AST Sunshine Fund

The Association of Surgical Technologists has established a fund to provide its members with a measure of assistance in the event of a natural disaster, tragedy, or medical emergency affecting them or their immediate family member, providing these events meet the criteria established for this fund.


  1. Recipient shall have been an Active Member of AST for a minimum of two years immediately prior to event.
  2. Member or immediate family affected by:
    1. natural disaster as designated by FEMA (ex. hurricanes, fires, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes)
    2. loss of life, spouse, child (dependent)
    3. Personal injury/loss to member, spouse, child, (dependent) requiring hospitalization greater than 1 week
    4. Other circumstance as deemed suitable by the committee

Application Process

  1. Application submitted to AST within 90 days of the event by the affected member, or by another member on behalf of the affected member.
  2. Applicants are only allowed to apply once every two years.
  3. The approved application is on file with AST.
  4. The applicant will receive an automated letter reply stating the request was received, is being reviewed, and that they will receive an answer within 30 days.
  5. The submitted application will be forwarded to the members of the Sunshine Fund Committee for review and determination of award amount.
  6. A letter/email will be sent from the Sunshine Fund Committee to notify the member if the application has been accepted or declined. If declined, a reason for declination, including criteria not met will be given. All verified applicants will receive a 6-month membership extension to AST.