• Fellows of the Association of Surgical Technologists

    The FELLOW OF THE ASSOCIATION OF SURGICAL TECHNOLOGISTS (FAST) designation is awarded to recognize those individuals who have upheld the highest professional, ethical and moral standards and traditions of the surgical technology profession, and whose professional activity has been devoted to the advancement of the profession toward improving the quality of surgical patient care. 

  • Fellows of the Association of Surgical Technologists (FAST)

    AST awards the Fellow of the Surgical Technologists (FAST) designation only to those surgical technologists whose professional activities have been devoted to the practice of surgical technology, and who abide by the AST Code of Ethics and standards of practice. Individuals awarded the FAST will commit and adhere to these ethics and standards of practice.

    The FAST began in 2006 as an opportunity to recognize surgical technologists who have achieved the highest professional standards.

    AST's FAST selection criteria.

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    The deadline date for submission of completed applications is May 15 annually. 

    2019 FAST Recipients 

    • Deborah Adair, CST, FAST
    • Joan Adams, CST, FAST (Emeritus)
    • Paul Beale, CST, CSFA, FAST
    • James Bell, CST, CSFA, FAST
    • Harry Blackford, CST, FAST
    • Richard Blackwell, FAST
    • Benson Bradley, CST, FAST
    • Raquel Briggs, CST, FAST
    • Marsha Brook, CST, FAST
    • Dustin Cain, CST, FAST
    • Stacie Chaney, CST, FAST
    • Richard Clark, CST, FAST
    • Mary Conner, CST, FAST
    • Jo Lana Cota, CST, FAST
    • Mary Cusack, CST, FAST
    • Lisa Day, CST, CSFA, FAST
    • Carrie DeLine, CST, FAST
    • Barbara Gay, CST, FAST
    • Thomas Gochenour, CST, CSFA, FAST
    • Gary Gower, CST, FAST
    • Shawn Guirau, CST, FAST
    • Heather Hodges, CST, FAST
    • Erin Ivey, CST, FAST
    • Patricia Keels, CST, FAST
    • Erica Keener, CST, FAST
    • Allison Lacey, CST, FAST
    • Teresa Librizzi, CST, FAST
    • Christine Ligon, CST, FAST
    • Jaime Lopez, Jr., CST, CSFA, RN, FAST
    • Sandra Manwiller, CST, FAST
    • Elizabeth McDevitt, CST, FAST
    • Rebecca McKinney, CST, FAST
    • Fernando Mendoza, CST, FAST
    • Amanda Minor, CST, FAST
    • Jill Moneypenny, CST, FAST
    • Edgar Montgomery, CST, FAST (Emeritus)
    • Michelle Muhammad, CST, FAST
    • Steven Noyce, CST, FAST
    • Janice Olmsted, CST, FAST
    • Kristi Pair, CST, FAST
    • Tammy Pearson, CST, FAST
    • Tina Putman, CST, FAST
    • Stacie Reese, CST, FAST
    • Elizabeth Roberts, CST, FAST
    • Stewart Robinson, CST, FAST
    • Darrell Sadler, CST, FAST
    • Mary Seely, CST, FAST
    • Ashley Smith, CST, FAST
    • Shannon Smith, CST, FAST
    • Robert Sowell, FAST
    • Robin Szarmach, FAST
    • Rebekah Travis, CST, FAST
    • Stefanie Vaughn, CST, FAST
    • Crystal Warner, CST, FAST
    • Crystal Weidman, CST, FAST
    • Erin White-Mincarelli, CST, FAST
    • Alison Wilson, CST, FAST

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