• Get Involved - Volunteer

    Volunteering is a win-win situation. When you volunteer in a role that's right for you, everybody comes out ahead. State assemblies are only as strong as their volunteers who contribute their knowledge, share their expertise, and time. There are many ways to volunteer at the state level.

  • AST relies on and celebrates volunteers for their valuable contributions of time, talent, and expertise. Volunteering takes on many forms and ranges from something as simple as sharing an idea to leadership roles on teams and boards. You’ll broaden your own occupational knowledge, expand your leadership skills, and grow your network of colleagues. Plus, you'll have an added sense of accomplishment knowing you've contributed to the success and future of surgical technology and your profession.

    Volunteer Opportunities:

    • Board of Directors – serve on your state’s board as President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary or Director
    • Committees
      • Board Standing Committees
        • Budget and Finance Committee
        • Policy and Procedure Committee
      • Standing Committees
        • Bylaws, Resolutions, and Parliamentary Procedure Committee
        • Education and Professional Standards Committee
        • Government and Public Affairs Committee
        • Policy and Procedure Committee
      • Special Committee
    • Delegate - represent your state at the AST National Surgical Technology Conference
    • Legislation Advocacy - lobbying
    • Fundraising
      • Delegates to AST National Conference
      • Legislation
      • Scholarships for Students
    • Community Service
    • Advocating the profession to the public
    • Planning or assisting in continuing education workshops

           Where to start? Contact your Board of Directors