• Planning a State Assembly Program

    A state assembly shall meet annually, and hold a business meeting with elections. When coordinating your program's needs, submit the State Assembly Date Request Form for approval. 

  • Program Date Request

    A1 State Assembly Program Date Request Form

    B1 State Assembly Program Webinar Live Conference Form

    When planning an Annual Business Meeting/Elections or a workshop only, submit the State Assembly Program Date Request Form A1 no less than 120 days before the date(s) of the program for AST approval. When conducting virtual events, also include the State Assembly Program Webinar Live Conference Form B1. The form(s) must be received prior to first (1st) of the current month for program publication in the next month of the AST monthly journal The Surgical Technologist

    Month of April – no elections can be held, workshops only
    Month of May – no elections or workshops can be held due to the AST National Surgical Technology Conference

    January          November 30
    February         December 31
    March             January 31
    April               February 28, Leap Year 29
    May                March 31
    June               April 30
    July                May 31
    August           June 30
    September     July 31
    October          August 31
    November      September 30
    December      October 31

    State Assembly Bylaws

    Section 1 - The State Assembly shall meet annually, and that meeting shall be known as the Annual Meeting, the date and place of which shall be determined by the State Assembly Board of Directors. 
    Section 2 - The voting body for the Annual Meeting shall be the *active members of the State Assembly. Voting by active members shall be in person, and each active member will be entitled to one vote.
    Section 3 - Business Meetings
         A.    There shall be a minimum of one business meeting at each Annual Meeting.
         B.    Sixty (60) days written notice shall be given via a State Assembly mailing or publication distributed to the entire State Assembly membership of the time, place, and business to be considered at the meeting.
         C.    Business meetings shall be open to AST members in the State Assembly. Every member shall have voice, but only active members may make motions and vote.
         D.    The quorum requirement for states:
                With less than 50 active members is 3 active members.
                With 50-100 active members is 5 members.
                With 101-150 active members is 10 members.
                With 151-500 active members is 15 members.
                With 501-800 active members is 20 members.
                With 801-1100 active members is 25 members.
                With 1101-1400 active members is 30 members.
                With 1401-1700 active members is 35 members.
                With 1701-2000 active members is 40 members.
                With over 2000 active members is 45 members.

    *An Active Member
    Section 2 - Classification
    A. Active Member

     l. One who has passed the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (hereinafter referred to as the NBSTSA) national certifying examination in surgical technology and maintains certification currency as defined by the NBSTSA.
    2. One who has passed the national certification examination and not maintained certification currency as defined by the NBSTSA but who is retired or disabled. However, eligibility for elected office and delegate status will continue to require certification currency.
    3. Active members have voice and vote.

    For questions or assistance, email