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  • Legislative Tools

    The most powerful voice in our government is that of the constituent, particularly when that constituent is part of a group. AST empowers members to impact the changes in your state government so you will be able to enhance your ability to provide and practice quality patient care, protect your career and direct the future of your profession. 

  • AST Advocacy

    Advocacy means the act of pleading or arguing in favor of something, such as a cause, idea or policy. AST advocates to ensure higher quality patient care through the enhancement of the profession of surgical technology before state and federal regulatory and legislative bodies and the public. The AST Government Affairs Department, in coordination with AST State Assemblies, leads and drives grassroots outreach at the state level with the goals of fostering participation in the legislative process and passing legislation.

    AST’s legislative mission, developed by the AST House of Delegates, is to support state and federal legislative and/or regulatory efforts that will require that surgical technologists are: graduates of accredited surgical technology programs and certified by the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting. The model legislation grandfathers anyone currently working as a surgical technologist in a health care facility on the effective date or the bill to continue being employed as a surgical technologist. This legislation promotes the profession, ensures surgical technology jobs go to surgical technologists, and, most importantly, protects patients!

    Grassroots Handbook

    The AST Grassroots Handbook is a invaluable resource describing how to get engaged in AST legislative initiatives. The handbook reviews why the profession needs your voice, AST’s legislative mission and how to make your voice heard. The AST Grassroots Handbook explains the AST model legislation, the AST legislative planning strategy and how to get involved, including the basics of grassroots training, coordination, and mobilization. Step-by-step instructions are included as well as samples of legislative alerts, colleague letters and press releases.

    Grassroots Handbook 

    Mock Surgeries

    Mock surgeries performed in the capitol are a very effective advocacy tool and paint a vivid picture for legislators. State assemblies have performed mock total knee replacement surgeries in the capitol and have experienced great success. Mock surgeries are a great way for legislators and other policymakers to understand surgical technology and the importance of surgical technologists.

    AST Tips for Organizing a Mock Surgery

    Florida Mock Surgery Press Release

    About the Indiana Mock Surgery with Media Samples